Coming Soon: Highper Token, a Smart Contract Enabled Token!

2 min readFeb 3, 2022


Highper Token — HPT

Higher Token is a Defi, BEP20 token. It’s a safe, decentralized financial token with a defined burn rate. This assures a diminishing supply as the token’s community-driven demand grows.

Let’s look at the Highper Token, the solution structure, and a practical holistic privacy design.

We set out to develop something that works best for the use case we envision because we were dissatisfied with the current privacy and secrecy of smart contracts.

Higher Token is a modified structure based on Zero-Knowledge proofs that combine entire secrecy with several important improvements.

Highper Smart Contract is a private smart contract solution that enables participants to benefit from a highly secure and scalable infrastructure without the risk of disclosing sensitive information.

This means that businesses may utilize Highper secret smart contracts to conduct safe and private blockchain transactions.

Objective Of Highper Token

Interaction with the confidentiality smart contract

The primary goal of the Higher Token (HPT) is to communicate with the secrecy smart contract. HPT allows users to move data from a decentralized system to a smart contract without disclosing sensitive information on the blockchain. This is feasible since HPT is meant to be a dApp token.

Accessing the general Highper Token ecosystem

HPT is the Highper Token ecosystem’s standard token. It grants users the ability to engage in any activity within the system. Only individuals who own the HPT token will be able to access the ecosystem’s functions and events.

Read-write function on the blockchain

HPT enables read-write capabilities on the blockchain and digital share registries to increase data and automation among businesses and shareholders that utilize the Higher Token ecosystem.

Liquidity provision

There are plans to put out HPT functionality to give liquidity to liquidity pools as well as earnings for token holders and stakeholders. The plans are in the works, and our developers are working around the clock to guarantee that these features are operational.

Access to the security token exchange

HPT is intended to provide access to the powerful STE or security token exchange. Buyers and sellers will be able to trade security tokens while maintaining anonymity and confidence.

First Sales Announcement

Highper Token pre-sale will start from 22nd of February and will end by 31st of March. The total supply for pre-sales is 675,000,000.

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